The main goal of the PROCEED project is to spread the process execution so that processes are executed on multiple, distributed process engines without a connection to a coordinating server or management system.

IoT Integration:
One of the main goals is the coordination of multiple IoT devices in a process.
Detailed Description
Fog Processes:
Process steps are directly executed on the involved or nearby devices.
Portable Processes:
Processes can be transported to and continued in other environments.
Interoperable Processes:
Using and defining standards for executing distributed processes so that it can run on every compliant process engine.
Context-aware Processes:
Depending on the availability of (surrounding) systems, the process execution can adapt to current circumstances.
Privacy-aware Processes:
Processes that involve private data respect privacy profiles of process participants.
Enterprise-aware Processes:
Parts of a process can be created by different companies and integrated into one process without leaking internal process details.
Smart process interaction:
PROCEED offers new ways to create and interact with processes.