Engine Installation

There is no stable version yet. The version that is published is the nightly version from Git.

To deploy and execute a process you have to install PROCEEDs Distributed Process Engine at least on one Machine (computer, server, microcontoller, smartphone, etc.). Depending on your use case, it is probably useful to install a multitude of Engines on several Machines.

Distributed Process Engine Download

For Windows/Linux/MAC (Node.js-Version) (opens in a new tab): For starting the Engine you just need to unzip the file, have a Node.js version of v12.x+ installed and then run node proceed-engine.js

For Android (opens in a new tab) (Note: this is still compiled with the debug flag, but should be sufficient for testing. A production version is release soon.)

For iOS (coming soon)

Start in the your browser (coming soon)

Systemd Service on Linux

If you want to run the Engine at startup on Linux, there is a systemd service file inside the zip called proceed-engine.service. A detailed description which values needs to be changed and how to enable the service, can be found in the README file on Gitlab (opens in a new tab).

Docker version

There is an up-to-date docker image of the PROCEED Engine. Unfortunately this only works on Linux completely where you can use the --network host option (the Docker container uses the network interface of the host). This is necessary because the Engine uses mDNS for the discovery process.

docker container run --detach --network host --name engine proceed/engine:latest

If you want to stop the Engine again:

docker container stop engine

You can also start the Engine on other operating systems, but this disables the mDNS-based discovery. Therefore, in the Management System you need to add the Engine manually via Add in the Machine View.

docker container run --detach --publish 33029:33029 --name engine proceed/engine:latest


By default, the PROCEED Engine uses port 33029 for communication and port 5353 for mDNS-based discovery purposes.