Management System

There is no stable version yet. The version that is published is the nightly version from Git.

The Management System (MS) creates, manages and monitors the execution of processes. It exists as a Desktop application and there is also a Server version. A limited version without Machine discovery in the network can be tested on: (opens in a new tab)

MS Desktop Version

The Management System can be downloaded as a Desktop Version for Linux, Windows and Mac OS under the following links.

Usually you just need to double click the file and the Management System starts.

*) Because this is a running, still highly-changing project, the Mac OS Desktop Version is not yet signed. Therefore, on Mac OS it usually requires you to allow the execution at the first start of the app. Open the Security & Privacy setting and accept the PROCEED-Management-System at the bottom by clicking on Open Anyway and then Open.

Mac OS Security Settings for the PROCEED MS

**) The .AppImage needs to get execution rights before you can run it. This can be done with chmod a+x PROCEED-Management-System-x.x.x.AppImage).

The Management System also integrates a PROCEED Engine, which you can start inside the graphical interface via File -> Turn Engine On or by clicking on the PROCEED logo in the bottom left corner. For the Engine to work properly -- especially on Mac and Windows -- you have to allow the program in the Firewall.

MS Server Version

The server version of the Management System is a little bit more complex to start, because it requires to set up an Identity Management and more advanced knowledge about Docker. Unfortunately, not everything is yet fully documented. The best place to start and get help is the repository: (opens in a new tab)