Quick Start Tutorial
Create Process

Create a small process

In this tutorial, we will create a simple process which will cover the following concepts.

  • Variables
  • Process
  • JS Script
  • Separation

We assume that the installation of PROCEED components are done and the machines are added according to Installation.

Defining the process with a BPMN diagram

  • Define a simple process by clicking "Process Management" in the menu and clicking "Add" on the top-right. This will open the process creation popup. menu_mgmt_process

  • Provide the process with a name, e.g. "First Process". You can optionally add variables to the process by clicking "Add Variable". Once done, click "Add Process" to finish creation. process_mgmt_add_process_popup

  • The process that was just created will be in the list of processes. For each process, you can change the name and variables simply by clicking the process you want to modify. You can also delete the process, edit the BPMN diagram and deploy with the corresponding action buttons. process_actions

  • For the newly created process, click the edit icon to create a BPMN diagram like below using the editor. simple_process_bpmn The above BPMN represents a simple process with a start state, two activities and an end-state, linearly linked. The end result should look like the following figure,

  • Convert "Activity 1" to a script-task by right-clicking the activity and clicking the spanner icon, as illustrated in the following figure. simple_process_convert_to_script_task

You should now see and icon on the top-left of the activity. script_task_activity_1

  • Clicking on any script task will display a button on the top of the BPMN editor to provide/edit the script for the task. edit_script_action


The editor expects Javascript, for activity 1 enter the following script,

services.console.log("Hello world");
  • To run the processes on separate machines, right-click the activity and open the machines menu by clicking the machine icon, then select a machine from the menu on which the activity should run. If the machine is currently connected, a green circle will appear next to it.


  • At this stage, the separated processes should look like the below figure, separated_processes This indicates activities of different colors will run on different machines.

  • Click "Save" from the top-right actions to save your changes. Optionally, you can view the XML for the BPMN by clicking the "XML" button and also the separated processes using the "Show Separated Button". show_separation

The task id and the process uuid are displayed for debugging purposes

  • As a final step, go back to the processes list, corresponding to "First Process", click the corresponding deploy button to send the process XML and associated data to the machines. The next step, go to the "Execution" tab in the menu to execute the process on the machines.