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Process Modelling
Process Data

Process Data can mean data that is either relevant for designing, executing or monitoring a process. There is meta data that describes, for example, who created the process, a general description and some process specification. This kind of data is usually added via the Properties Panel. Also, there are the source codes for Script Tasks, the graphical designs for User Tasks and the constraint definitions for the dynamic deployment. This data is added via a blue button that appears on top of the BPMN editor. And last but not least, there is process data that is created and filled with values during the execution of a process at runtime.

Runtime Data

There is many data generated during the execution of a process in a company. This data is used, for example, to make decisions how to continue with the process. If modeled in BPMN this decision making is usually done at a OR or XOR gateway. Another use case for runtime data is to create and store work protocols within user tasks. Or to repeat a task multiple times based on a table that includes all orders.

In PROCEED, you can currently create and change the content of runtime data with Script Tasks and User Tasks. Afterwards, you can use this data in Gateways, Script Tasks and User Tasks. For example, the following picture shows the usage of a process variable to make a process decision on a Gateway:

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Meta Data in the Properties Panel

In some cases, additional data must be attached to a process, e.g. to analyze and evaluate the efficiency of a deployed process. Elements and attributes in a BPMN process can contain such properties. These properties can be viewed and edited in the Properties Panel.

The Properties Panel can be accessed in the Process Editor and shows many properties of the overall process on default. In order to edit the properties of a certain element within a process, the element needs to be selected by clicking on it. The Properties Panel will then update its overview and show all properties which can be edited.

Properties Panel